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"Campo Minado" 1998. Javier Félix

"Campo Minado" / /"Mine Field" 1998. Javier Félix

Art Installation with found objects around the idea of violence in the country fields in Colombia, South America.
Solo Show "Metaplástica"
Casa Wiedemman, Bogotá, Colombia. 1998
Javier Felix Art


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"Con El Tiempo Contado" / "Countdown"

Multimedia Installation "Con El Tiempo Contado" / "Countdown" A countdown clock measures the time remaining before ending the exhibition; a classical mememto mori/ vanitas by Hand Baldung Grien (1541 - 1544) slowly vanishes on the background. Shown at OBSERVATORI, Museo del Carmen, Valencia, Spain. 2008. (Made in Collaboration with Spanish artist Jesús "Chus"Cabrera). Javier Felix ©All Rights Reserved

Ode to Civilized Men, 2018.

Oda al hombre civilizado / Ode to civilized men. 2018
Mixed Media Assembly
Javier Felix
Available at PERVE GALERÍA, Lisbon, Portugal.